Excia<sup>®</sup> T Standard Hip Stem SystemExcia® T Standard Hip Stem System

Excia T is a standard length metal hip system designed to preserve bone and restore the natural motion of the hip joint As the needs of patients continue to evolve, so do the demands of implants; Excia T is an enhancement to the first generation Excia standard hip stem that has been on the market for over 12 years.

Excia T offers the following benefits to patients:

Bone Conservation – The Excia T design decreases disruption to the greater trochanter thereby preserving good quality bone stock.

Anatomical Accuracy – Multiple implant options address varying patient anatomies to restore the natural biomechanics of the hip and preserves surrounding soft tissue.

Implant Long-Term Survivorship – Excia T is applied with a coating called Plasmapore®. This technology encourages bone to fixate to the implant for long-term stability.

Minimally Invasive Technique – The proven implant design facilitates multiple surgical approaches, including Direct Anterior Approach which may make your surgery, recovery and rehabilitation faster and easier for you.