Metha<sup>®</sup> Short Hip Stem SystemMetha® Short Hip Stem System

Metha is a minimal length metal hip system designed to preserve bone and to anatomically reconstruct your hip joint with accuracy. The Metha is at the leading edge of technology and represents a new generation of implants.

Metha offers the following benefits to patients:

Bone Conservation – The Metha design eliminates disruption to the greater trochanter and maintains bone in the femoral canal, allowing for an improved potential revision situation where a standard implant can be used instead of a long revision stem.

Anatomical Accuracy – The length of a hip stem influences its positioning inside the femur. The Metha is guided by your femoral neck, therefore supports an accurately anatomical and more physiological reconstruction of your hip joint.

Implant Long-Term Survivorship – Metha is applied with a coating called Plasmapore®. This technology encourages bone to fixate to the implant for long-term stability.

Minimally Invasive Technique – The proven implant design facilitates multiple surgical approaches, including Direct Anterior Approach which may make your surgery, recovery and rehabilitation faster and easier for you.

What is the Direct Anterior Approach?

In Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement surgery, the joint is accessed from the front of the body as opposed to the side (lateral) or back (posterior) of the body. This position allows the hip joint to be accessed without detaching the pelvis, femur or gluteal muscles. Since the muscles are left undisturbed, the healing process is reduced.

Why is Metha’s short hip stem ideal for the Direct Anterior Approach?

  • Stem design allows for an ideal insertion angle during minimally invasive surgery
  • The reduced size and length allow for more bone preservation and less muscle damage leading to a faster recovery