Plasmafit PRO<sup>™</sup> Acetabular SystemPlasmafit PRO Acetabular System

The Plasmafit PRO Shell with Vitelene Liner Acetabular System is a two-piece system containing a metal shell and plastic liner. The system has been designed to provide long-term implant survivorship and offer a high-level of implant performance.

The Plasmafit PRO shell is inserted into the acetabulum of the hip and the Vitelene liner is inserted into the shell. The femoral head that is placed onto the hip stem engages the liner which recreate the ball and socket movement of the hip joint.

Plasmafit PRO Shell with Vitelene Liner offer the following benefits to patients:

Implant Long-Term Survivorship – The Plasmafit PRO shell design, along with the applied rough coating, combine to encourage the bone to fixate to the implant for long-term stability.

High Performance – The Vitelene liner is made from polyethylene blended with Vitamin E. The polyethylene liner is subject to oxidation in the body. Oxidation can degrade the material, causing it to weaken. Vitamin E is a naturally occurring antioxidant substance that has been introduced into the liner to help ensure the process of oxidation is limited, thereby reducing the potential for degradation and maintaining the performance of the material for long-term use. The liner is then permitted to maintain as a smooth, hard material that can absorb the impact and stress from daily activities like walking and sitting to running and playing sports.