univation<sup>®</sup> X Unicondylar Knee Systemunivation® X Unicondylar Knee System

The knee is made of three compartments (medial compartment, lateral compartment and the patellofemoral compartment). The univation X Unicondylar Knee System was developed to address osteoarthritis that is specific to the medial/inside compartment. This means the univation X Knee System leaves the healthy compartments of the knee area preserved, while the unhealthy compartments of your knee are treated. Minimal bone resection could result in a faster, less painful recovery to get you back in motion. If you have osteoarthritis in only one compartment of your knee, talk to your doctor to see if the univation X Knee System is right for you.

  • Natural Motion – By replicating the anatomy of your knee, the implant design retains the natural motion of the knee.
  • Bone Preserving – The system allows the surgeon to remove only the unhealthy area while leaving healthy bone intact.
  • Advanced Surface Technology – The univation X Knee System utilizes a patented multi-layer technology. This technology is designed to potentially reduce the release of metal ions found in metal-based implants and help substantially reduce surface wear for longevity of the implant. Learn more about Advanced Surface Technology >
  • Secure Implant Fixation – The design elements of the implant help to ensure that the implant attaches securely to the bone to reduce the risk of loosening.